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Repair Cafe 

We have linked up with the Denmead Repair Cafe and now hold regular meetings at either Denmead or Hambledon - see notices for details.

The concept is that it is better to repair rather than throw away - so bring your item and see if it can be repaired. We ask only for a donation. 

Visit     for more info on this international initiative. 

The Circular Economy principle is that we should end the 'take, make, dispose' habit and aim to repair or recyle our products to reduce waste and save resources. Repairing is an important part of this and various communities are creating 'repair cafes' to provide experienced people to repair products locally, and have some fun at the same time.

Here is a link to a documentary on iplayer about the Portsmouth Repair Cafe. Their section begins at 25.10 if you just want to watch their section.

You've probably heard of Ellen's amazing sailing achievements but click on the link below to see the staggering scale of her foundation's work on the Circular Economy:

The Circular Economy and The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

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