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Carbon Offsetting 

Carbon Offsetting is controversial. The idea is that you can create Carbon Dioxide, for example by flying, provided it is offset by a Carbon negative activity such as tree planting. The counter argument is that you should not create the Carbon Dioxide in the first place.

However, offsetting must be better than flying and not doing anything about it.

Here are several ways you could offset your Carbon footprint:

1) Contribute to the Hambledon Greening Campaign's costs by paying Hambledon Parish Council  with the reference 'Hambledon Greening'. This will be separately itemised in the PC's accounts. The parish council's account number is 20288349, sort code 60:83:01. 

2) You could donate to the South Downs National Park Authority's ReNaturing campaign, details of which are on their website.

3) The Woodland Trust runs a carbon credit scheme for businesses.

 I'm flying to Italy, how much should I pay to offset this? Complicated - it depends on the cost and efficiency of the scheme.

According to a 2018 Government report 'Updated short-term traded carbon values' produced by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy the values for 2021 are £14.56 to £29.11 per tonne of CO2.

According to a BBC article a return flight from London to San Francisco emits 5.5 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per person. (More that twice the emissions from a family car in a year). A return flight from London to Berlin emits 0.6 tonnes of CO2e.

Measuring your Carbon footprint can be done on the WWF website:

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