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This Hambledon Greening page lets you know where you can recycle - in the green bin and elsewhere for the stuff that the council won't collect.

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Other Recycling

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Plastic food trays (coloured or clear)
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Sainsbury's has stopped collecting these so regrettably they must go into the grey bin....

Carrier bags and other soft plastics
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These can be recycled at Sainsbury's at Waterlooville, on the first floor by the escalator.

The Co-op in Denmead will also recycle these in small quantities - please take your own.

Tricky packaging

This includes  bread bags, crisp packets, biscuit wrappers, chocolate wrappers, plastic ring carriers, pet food pouches etc. Click the button  below for the full illustrated list of things that can be recycled by the amazing Denmead Scouts at Denmead through Terracycle.

Cartons and Paper Cups

Tetrapaks and other milk and juice cartons can be recycled in the Kidmore Lane Car Park, Denmead (opposite Parkers)


Clothing is collected from containers at the Sustainability Centre, Leydene or at the Denmead Scouts Recycling Depot.

Pens, Highlighters etc

Terracycle are now recycling pens and other writing instruments via the Horndean Technology College. You can also bring them to our collection point at the Village Hall on the third Saturday of every month (0930 to 1230). See link for more details of what is accepted.

Flower Pots

Flower pots (clean, plastic) can now be recycling at Dobbies Garden Centres - eg Havant.

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