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Here we publish ideas to enable people to do their own projects and join larger community projects. We will also record with photographs what has already been done.

ReNature or Rewild? 

Country Life defined the difference in an article on 3rd August 2021 as follows:

Man has an important stewardship role to play, which rewilding doesn't recognise or appreciate, but reNaturing does.

The article continues: "Three cheers for the South Downs National Park. It has realised that being fashionable isn’t synonymous with being right. It has taken a stand against rewilding and announced that it intends to be informed by ‘reNaturing’ instead. Neither word is attractive, but the difference matters."

For the full article go to:

So far we have linked up with Craig Whitelock, Team Wilder assistant for the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust. Craig has supported us through the second phase of our greening campaign which involved the village in 1000 hours of renaturing activities, has run an insect activity day at Hambledon School and has kept us informed about the SDNPA's new reNature policy.

We will also be liaising with neighbouring groups such as the Sobernewts and the East Meon Nature Group.

Craig Whitelock and helpers at the shared Hambledon Greening/Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust stand at the Horticultural Show in September

Insect table Hort soc IMG_4181.jpeg
IMG_3925 2.jpeg

Attentive students at the Wildflower Walk with Shirley and Bob Medgett on the 30th June!

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust (HIWWT) will help us to see nature recovering, wildlife returning, and ecosystems restored. If every community takes part, we start to create a patchwork of havens for wildlife– their own islands of safety, where they can live and thrive, creating a wonderful backdrop that entwines with our lives. 

The re-wilding pillar of Phase 2 of the Greening Campaign started that wilder journey. Continue the journey as a Wilder Community and bring about positive changes for nature on a local and national level. Having local people on the ground means that we, Team Wilder, can better understand and support the specific needs of your community as well as expand our reach and messaging which altogether makes us more effective.  Here are some useful links: and



Drawing of Hedgehog
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